There are many paths that lead to a successful mountain summit. Align Your Mind offers a holistic approach to transformation, offering a variety of ways to assist you in positive transformation, and align your mind - body - spirit.



Perhaps you’ve wondered how to tap into the power of your mind? Hypnosis is a natural state of deep rest - and it is through this stillness and presence, that you can access your inner resources.  When empowered to employ your innate abilities, you can support and accelerate your body's healing process, control pain, experience resolution to issues, clarity on situations, increase motivation and alter behavior patterns and conditioning that no longer serves you. Hypnotherapy helps you to unearth and live in alignment with your unique self. 


Human Design

Learn how to take your unique place in the world and be your own authority. Solid strategies to navigate life more smoothly and float with the current instead of swimming upstream and meeting resistance.



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