There are many paths that lead to a successful mountain summit. Align Your Mind offers a holistic approach to transformation, offering a variety of products to assist you in integrating your transformation and align your mind - body - spirit.



Feel like the storms of life are tossing you around? Would you like to settle into that calm, serene eye of the storm, unaffected by the torrents and whirlwinds around you?

With self-hypnosis and meditation audios, you can journey to a deep state of profound relaxation and calm, in the comfort of your own home, every day. The more you do, the more you have access to it – anytime, anywhere!

If you have a particular audio interest please contact us to see if it is available.


Flower - GEM - Environmental Essence remedies

Combination flower, gem and environmental essence formulas to support your process of transformation. Combines nicely with an audio and a hypnotherapy session!