First and foremost, I'm a student of life and the ways of the heart, mind, body and spirit...and how all aspects of ourselves can merge to bring us into alignment with the deepest truth of who we are. My training and offerings encompass an eclectic list which continues to evolve because I value my own growth and transformation. While I deepen and integrate my own experiences, knowledge and skills, I am inspired to learn new ways to extend a hand to you - to help you feel empowered, confident and capable of living as your unique, authentic self and shining in the world.


I am a Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist (CMS-Cht) with well over 500 in-person classroom hours from a state licensed school.  I am a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy (FIBH), an organization which holds high standards for hypnotherapists. The practice of hypnotherapy is not regulated at the federal level, and requirements vary from state to state. IBH certification requires a minimum of 400 classroom hours, followed by written and practical exams, as well as continuing education requirements and accountability to a strict code of ethics, scope of practice guidelines. As a medical support hypnotherapist, I enjoy assisting people in their journey towards physical healing. With hypnotherapy we can assist people in preparing for and healing from surgery or other procedures, control pain, overcome illness and accelerate healing. It is a wonderful compliment to standard medical care, naturopathy, physical therapy, dentistry and more.  

I am a licensed dental hygienist in the state Oregon.  Since 1990 I have worked in dental settings in various capacities and since 1993 have been a professional dental hygienist.  Licensure means I have a specific university degree in dental hygiene, have passed national and regional licensing exams that are both written and practical, and have passed state exams regarding jurisprudence and ethics.  Well over two decades of working in dental settings in various capacities has taught me attention to detail, diligence, efficiency and a calm, compassionate sensitivity towards people, even in the face of time constraints or challenges. 

I'm also a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and routinely meld NLP and hypnotherapy techniques together. Both hypnotherapy and NLP have impacted every facet of my own life, from personal to business, in ways that have supported my own self-understanding and growth. What I appreciate most about these modalities is that the most fundamental premise is to put you in the drivers seat.

Also in my toolbox is a Master of Business Administration with experience in managing overall corporate operations. I understand life stress which can contribute to mental and emotional dissonance, physical illness and spiritual disconnect. With my MBA experience I learned how to hone in on what is important and how to prioritize, etc, however I believe that my greatest contribution was my people skills in managing a team of people - and it's this same deep caring and intuition that are an integral part of my hypnotherapy sessions and human design readings.

One of my passions in life for well over 20 years is martial arts.  I taught Shoshin Ryu martial arts for 10 years in Los Alamos, New Mexico, and I currently conduct workshops and teach one-on-one self-defense skills in and around Portland, Oregon. I have also discovered a passion for qigong practices and am studying qigong and TCM. Qigong and martial arts, like hynotherapy and human design, can shift your perception of self, teach mindfulness and presence, and help you develop a calm, inner strength. I integrate martial arts and qigong knowledge with hypnotherapy, human design and my workshops because yes, a properly aligned mind leads the body - yet the body also leads the mind. 

Meditation practice has also been a joy of mine for over two decades. Just like hypnosis, meditation calms the mind, calms the body and calms the spirit. What is the difference between meditation and hypnosis? The physiology between hypnosis and meditation are identical, however the content and the application are different. Self-hypnosis training can help improve your meditation practice.

In my spiritual studies, I have been blessed to learn powerful processing techniques that assist in unraveling deeply held and outdated limiting beliefs and polarized states which limit our capacity for fulfillment, well-being and joy. When appropriate, inter-life and past life work can be keystone methods to clearing old blockages, integrating knowledge and wisdom from many lifetimes, bringing us back into alignment with who we really are.

With all of that said, I deeply desire to facilitate healing and transformation by assisting you in remembering and experiencing your soul essence - the love, joy, peace and wisdom that already exists within you.  Please know that I am not your authority - I will help you to step into your own power and connect with your own inner authority. We are each unique and have innate, inner intelligence and body intelligence that allows us to navigate life with the least amount of resistance.  My heartfelt desire is to be there for you as you align with your own wisdom and uniqueness - to become an alchemist over your own life, transforming your “problems” into precious gold, so you can shine into the world.